Continuum: Review: Season 2 Ep 2

ContinuumS02E02Showcase (Canada), 28 April 2013

Kiera and Carlos try to thwart Liber8’s attempt to free Travis from captivity, with Alec gives into temptation from Kellog to make a better future for himself.

After a good debut episode, Continuum’s second season has reverted to traditional formulaic episodic fare already, even with show creator Simon Barry on scripting duties. While the attack on the decoy and the van carrying Travis is action-packed (in a kind of low-budget Canadian television way), it takes a long time to move the story forward only a little—the split in Liber8 is interesting, though, and it could lead to new storytelling threads.

Similarly, the seduction of Alec by Kellog also seems to be conducted in slow motion, as if he has to hold out no matter what until the final moments of the episode when he makes the decision any half-awake viewers know he will. Hovering in the background throughout all this is Nicholas Lea as the annoying intelligence agent who just knows there’s something up with Kiera.

It was good to see Kiera’s super-suit in action during the gun fight, and her time travel story was outed once more (this time by Travis) to a disbelieving Carlos… Is this honesty about where/when she’s from going to be a running gag? It’s a shame this second episode is so… ordinary…

Verdict: Rather rote stuff this time out…

Episode 2 ‘Split Second’: 6/10

Brian J. Robb


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