Review: Avengers vs X-Men: VS #2

Captain America vs Gambit

Script and Pencils: Steve McNiven

Pre-Read Predictions: Right, well having got both of last issues matches completely wrong (this is why I don’t bet at the races) I’m determined to do better this time! So first up is the mighty Captain America taking on everyone’s favourite Cajun mutant – Gambit. This is a toughie because as far as I can tell both of these guys are evenly matched. I mean, with his ability to charge objects with explosive results surely Gambit is going to give Cap a run for his money? However, on this occasion my wager is going to have to be on the leader of The Avengers. Captain America has strength, speed and experience. Gambit will fight valiantly but ultimately he can’t beat the Cap.

Warning: Spoilers Follow!

Haha! Finally a correct guess! That went even worse for Gambit than I was expecting. He gave it a good go though but frankly he never really stood a chance. For the first half of the fight Captain America was more interested in his conversation with Ironman than the fight with Gambit! Then a savage right hook to the face and the X-Man goes down. Game. Over.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go buy a Lotto ticket…


The Amazing Spider-Man vs Colossus

Script: Kieron Gillen

Pencils: Salvador Larroca

Pre-Read Predictions: Spider-Man vs Colossus huh? Could there be two characters with such vastly different abilities and fighting styles? My first thought is that Colossus is going to have a hell of a time catching Spider-Man and if he can’t get his hands on him then he can’t beat the snot out of him. On the flip side though, how is Spider-Man going to take down a raging beast like Colossus? I guess if he was able to get him caught in a big enough web…? As an X-Men fan, it saddens me to have to once again side with the Avenger in this one (although I do have a soft spot for Spider-Man) but as long as he can dodge Colossus’ charges I reckon Spider-Man will get the better of him here. If my predictions are on the button that will mean that the X-Men seem to be fighting a losing battle. Sad story.

Warning: Spoilers Follow!

Oh come on!! That was a spectacularly unsatisfying ending. Spider-Man just left? He just left? This is the same as last issue’s Iron Man victory, technically he won because Magneto was incapacitated by outside forces but it doesn’t really count, does it? Admittedly Spidey was taking a beating but I still think he could have won through cunning and superior agility had he bothered to stick around. Ah well, at least the X-Men are on the board now I suppose.

VS Score:  Avengers 3 – X-Men 1

This issue: 7/10

Bernice Watson





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