Jessica Jones: Review: Series 1 Episode 2: AKA Crush Syndrome

Jessica needs to discover how Kilgrave survived the accident that she believed killed him…

The detective side of the series is to the fore in this second episode, as Jessica retraces Kilgrave’s steps in the immediate aftermath of the accident that should have left him dead. She ends up donning very… er… fetching scrubs to impersonate a nurse so she can get access to a hospital computer system – which leads her to more of Kilgrave’s victims. The more we see and hear of the way he’s treated these people, the more powerful the villain becomes, and I almost wonder if it’s a slight misstep to have him appear (albeit not facially) at the end of the episode taking over a family’s apartment. It also seems dreadfully convenient that Jessica has discovered his weakness this early in the run, but I’m sure things can’t be quite as simple as they appear.

We learn a lot more about both barman Luke Cage and Jessica’s friend Trish. The former is also “gifted” – in the comics he was known as Luke Cage, Power Man – which is demonstrated ironically more effectively in the bar fight scene than it is with his demonstration with a power tool! Trish is putting on as much of an act for Jessica as her friend is for her: the introduction of her bruises is done neatly and explained well at the end.

Director SJ Clarkson establishes a clear visual style for the series, similar in some ways to Daredevil – enough that we believe without questioning it that Matt and Foggy could be seen crossing the street without it feeling jarring – but embracing the noir element of the show, and shooting certain sequences in an almost voyeuristic way. The score by Sean Callery likewise aids with the darker mood.

Verdict: So far, so very good. 9/10

Paul Simpson


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