Review: Primeval Series 3 Ep 10

Danny, Connor and Abby follow Helen to the future – where she finally reveals her plans…

The various seeds sown throughout this season come to fruition in this closing episode, which features some of the best effects work that Framestore has provided for this season – which, given the quality of their previous work, is high praise.

Going through multiple time periods as the ARC team pursue Helen, we see Future Predators in action, giant flying insects attacking Becker and Sarah, raptors in action pursuing everyone, and best of all, a group of hominids, which you really do have to look at closely before you realise they are computer generated.

A lot of answers are finally given, although some questions, regarding the nature of the artefact that Helen was after and the creation of the anomalies initially, remain to be explored in a fourth season. Helen’s plan is suitably loopy – she’s got a bit of a nerve attacking Danny for being thick when it’s her who doesn’t seem to have thought everything through – but at least one plotline established in the very first episode of the series gets closure.

Hints of a relationship between Danny and Sarah, as well as the growing comfort level between Abby and Connor, means that there is plenty left to develop next year.

Verdict: A satisfying conclusion to Primeval‘s strongest year by far.  7/10

Paul Simpson

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