Review: Mitosis (Reckoners Book 1.5)

Mitosis UK Mitosis USBy Brandon Sanderson

Gollancz, out now

David discovers the hard way that killing Steelheart isn’t the end of his troubles with Epics…

This short story whets the appetite for the second novel in the Reckoners sequence, Firefight, and with hindsight sets up a number of that story’s themes, and gives a very important clue to some of the puzzles of that book. Once again narrated by David, the young Reckoner responsible for the death of the Chicago-ruling Steelheart, it continues his mangling of the English language, and displays of what some regard as foolhardy recklessness.

Some of these eBook accretions to sagas feel as if they’re done more for the cash-in potential than actually continuing the story, but Sanderson takes the opportunity to move things forward, both of the overall arc of the series and David’s personal development. Mitosis is a very different sort of Epic from Steelheart, and David has to adjust his fighting style accordingly. The ending may remind Doctor Who fans of Last of the Time Lords but it works well in context.

Verdict: Not essential, but if you’re following the saga, I’d definitely advise reading this between Steelheart and Firefight. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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