Review: Lockwood & Co 2.5: The Dagger in the Desk

dagger_in_the_deskby Jonathan Stroud

Random House ebook, out now

In The Dagger in the Desk, a short story in the series following Lockwood & Co. psychic investigation agency, Lucy, George and Lockwood are called to investigate a school haunted by an alarmingly powerful ghost: one powerful enough to be throwing knives at unsuspecting teachers. With the threat of ghost touch already looming above them, this additional ability will make this job even tougher and add danger to an already terrifying profession.

The Dagger in the Desk is just as gripping as its predecessors (The Screaming Staircase and The Whispering Skull), with the same superb writing and fascinating world. Even though it is dramatically shorter, the storyline twists and turns, leaving you guessing right until the end. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who loves the thrill of the chase and exhilarated fear; it doesn’t matter if you haven’t read the first two books, as everything about the complex modern-day world they live in is explained as you go along.

Verdict: A chilling ghost story and riveting adventure all in one. My only wish is that it that it was a lot longer! 9/10

Sophie Simpson



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