Review: Torchwood: Big Finish Audio 2.3: Ghost Mission

TWAB0203_ghostmissionAndy Davidson learns to be careful what you wish for when he is assessed for his suitability for Torchwood… by a ghost…

All the different sides of Torchwood come together in this enjoyable audio from James Goss that puts Tom Price front and centre for a change. I would say it’s nice to hear him get his due, but when you hear the tale, you’ll understand why that might not quite be the appropriate word.

Although a few other voices make an appearance, this is essentially a two-hander between Price and Samuel Barnett as Norton Folgate, the Torchwood assessor (a wonderful name which sounds as if it should be a West Country village name that’s been appropriated for a bucolic hymn tune). The two actors play off each other extremely well, aided by Goss’ razor-sharp script that never forgets the peril while still keeping the humour quotient high.

In some ways this is the flipside of the earlier adventure More Than This (in which Davidson/Price made his audio debut) with another character getting shown exactly what being involved with Torchwood means. However, because of Davidson’s knowledge of the organisation’s mission already – even if he’s got the wrong end of the stick to an extent – it doesn’t feel like we’re retreading old ground.

One note of caution – do not read the castlist (at least the one on the website) since it gives names for two of the characters, and may start you really wondering what is going on with the new improved 2016 version of Torchwood… There are enough questions raised in the audio as it is without that!

Steve Foxon’s sound design and Blair Mowat’s music once again meld well to give this a varied feel, and director Scott Handcock keeps things moving at a good pace – but recognising that sometimes the listener needs a respite!

Verdict: A terrific Torchwood tale. 9/10

Paul Simpson

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