Switch: Review: Series 1 Episode 3

Jude and Hannah get new jobs, while Grace tries to help Stella move on with her life…

Switch continues to bubble on nicely with this very domestic drama, all about relationships and jobs, rather than the world-shaking battles to avert the apocalypse that most witch-y dramas tend to feature. It sets it apart from the rest, and provides an hour of enjoyable entertainment with characters and situations that are easily recognisable, even if some of the ways that they’re finally resolved aren’t necessarily those that would spring to mind.

Jude learns a valuable lesson, and continues to mature; Hannah’s new job isn’t quite what it seems (and anyone who watched the new American series The Glades recently on Alibi will be alert to what’s going on perhaps a little earlier – although the way the situations are dealt with are markedly different!)

The byplay between Grace, Jude and Gerry is understated a lot of the time, and is clearly set to become one of the ongoing threads through the series. Lacey Turner gets to do a lot of reacting to the appearance of one of Stella’s former girlfriends, who proves to be quite a handful, and, like most of the others, comes out stronger from this episode.

Verdict: A pleasant hour that will raise a smile regularly.  7/10

Paul Simpson


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