Agent Carter: Review: Series 2 Episode 8: The Edge of Mystery

Carter 2.8Mr Jarvis wants revenge…

We’re in the final act of this second season, with Whitney moving forward with her plans, and the various emotional entanglements and conflicts coming out into the open, particularly in light of Jason Wilkes’ actions. Edwin Jarvis has been willing to put himself in danger on Peggy’s behalf, but clearly has never considered the possibility of any harm coming to Ana – while Peggy herself is faced with the reality of choices made under stark conditions. The “air-clearing” between her and Daniel has been long overdue.

Not that the episode is all serious – the fight in the Italian restaurant is done with style (albeit the style used in The Man From UNCLE movie!)…

I thought that Jack Thompson’s change of heart would be delayed longer than this – something that I suspected was being kept back for the actual season finale when he would come in to the rescue. Having him on side at this point is good for Peggy and co., although I hope it doesn’t mean we’ll be deprived of a confrontation between him and Masters.

However, this time the episode belongs to James Darcy as Jarvis – from his list of promises to an apparently unconscious Ana, through his extremely determined stance on being involved in the mission, to his vigilante actions at the end, shocking as they seem (albeit short-lived). With the links via Howard Stark’s work on gamma rays to other aspects of the Marvel Universe, it’d be great if he can make the leap to the movies for a flashback sequence a la the start of Ant Man perhaps?

Verdict: The pieces are coming together – but will everyone get through unscathed? Oh – and where’s Dottie? 8/10

Paul Simpson

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