Lost Girl: Review: Series 2 Episode 7

Strippers seduce officers at a police station, remove a suspect – and then kill him. Are Fae involved?

This is a good 35 minute episode wrapped up in the usual 45 minutes of footage, with 10 minutes of titillation (and/or soft porn – delete according to preference) added to bring it up to the time. Which is annoying, because there are enough other threads to the episode that could have been expanded without the constant striptease routines. Yes, we get the point: the girls are able to use some power to seduce anyone who’s watching – even someone as straight as Kenzi – but it’s almost as if the producers got the rights to film in a strip joint, provided that loads of footage was used.

Other plotlines are hotting up: we learn more about the relationship between Lauren and her former girlfriend, while the repercussions of Dyson’s loss of his feelings for Bo play into his decision at the end of the episode to help her. There’s also something else going on with Trick, which is obviously setting up a storyline for later in the season.

Verdict: The balance between the sex and the plot is usually achieved better than this. 

Fae Gone Wild: 6/10

Paul Simpson


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