Being Human: Review: Series 3 Ep 7: Though The Heavens Fall

Determined cop Nancy continues her pursuit of Mitchell…

Building into what the throw-forward promises will be a fantastic climax to the season, this episode grabs the attention from the start, as Herrick taunts Robson Green’s McNair 20 years ago, and reveals who the werewolf’s main target has been from the start. The attention is firmly on Herrick and his effect on the various people in the house (whether they’re living there or visitors), leading to a final quarter hour that is as shocking as anything Being Human has tried before.

To reveal too much else about the plot would spoil some lovely surprises (for once, last week’s trailer didn’t give everything away!) but Leonora Critchlow is given great material. Annie’s confrontation with Mitchell has nothing to do with their respective supernatural abilities: it’s simply two people caught in a web of lies that is threatening to destroy their lives. There are also some unexpected developments for George and Nina, both in terms of the baby and between the two of them.

But the episode belongs to Aidan Turner and Jason Watkins as Mitchell and Herrick, who each in their own way shows the desperation that’s at the centre of their dichotomous way of life at present.

Up there with the best episodes.  9/10

Paul Simpson



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