Review: Hammer Chillers 1.2: The Fixation

fixationWhen Ian decides it’s time to clean up his local area, nothing is going to put him off. Because when he sets his mind to doing something, it gets done…

Perhaps even more so than during Stephen Gallagher’s first tale in this series, fans of the old Hammer House of Horror TV series will almost subconsciously expect to hear the strains of the theme tune crashing in at the end of this chilling piece of horror audio. It’s a tale of a man who refuses to listen and the dire consequences that this can bring: writer Mark Morris subtly moves the listener’s sympathies as the story progresses.

As with all of these new tales, there are echoes of some of the past Hammer classics, which are fun to spot as you go along. It means that you can guess elements of the ending, but that doesn’t act as too much of a spoiler: it’s how events escalate to the final horrifying scene that’s important.

The sound design is one of the strengths of these releases, as is the casting. Miles Jupp and Camille Coduri play the central couple, and the dynamics of their marriage are revealed as much by their performances as the lines they are given.

Verdict: Another success – and one that gave me a couple of shivers listening in broad daylight… 8/10

Paul Simpson

The Fixation is released on Friday June 14th and can be ordered here


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