Star Trek: Review: Vanguard 7: What Judgments Come

By Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore

Pocket Books, out now

When this penultimate novel in the Vanguard saga was promoted with the tagline that “the end of the epic saga begins,” a number of fans were upset and surprised. Yet it’s become increasingly clear through the last couple of books that there’s a definite end in sight, as characters are killed off, plotlines resolved – or at the very least, taken to a position where Star Trek ‘history’ has established what’s going to happen next – and the threat ramped up.

Ward and Dilmore’s final contribution starts with a surprise, as we discover that one character, who had seemed marked for a sticky end, survives beyond Project Vanguard, and it continues to pull the rug out from under the reader’s feet throughout. There are revelations concerning former Starbase 47 boss Diego Reyes, as well as his Orion captors, and some touching moments between Vulcan T’Prynn and reporter Tim Pennington.

The final sequence sets up David Mack’s conclusion to the series, making it clear (if it wasn’t already) that all bets are off. If you’re a Vanguard fan already, you won’t be disappointed; if you’ve not yet caught up with the saga, then find a copy of the opening novel, Harbinger, and you’ll be swept along on an epic ride. 8/10

Paul Simpson

3: Reap the Whirlwind

4: Open Secrets

5: Precipice

6: Declassified

8: Storming Heaven


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