Thunderbirds are Go: Review: Series 1 Episode 3: Space Race

????????????????????????Alan accidentally activates a bomb and there’s only 30 minutes to find the abort code…

So, now the hype’s dying away, what is the new Thunderbirds like? Actually, based on this first standard episode, it’s rather a lot like the old one. This is the sort of story that could have been part of the original… if you set aside the fact that a lot of it is based around Parker running around inside a huge vault, something which would have given the puppeteers palpitations!

We’ll also ignore that it’s broad daylight near Creighton-Ward Manor and dark 10 minutes later when Penny and Parker arrive in London (we have to assume they fly!); Parker’s reaction to looking after Penelope’s mongrel (whose name is suitably vomit-inducing) is true to form, and it’s quite fun to see him in action. Although hopefully he won’t want to use his nickname again. Ever.

Other elements work too. Barring one early shot where TB3 looks like a toy, the space sequences are effective (and it’s a shame that CITV isn’t broadcasting this in HD!), and I loved the “caper music” from Ben and Nick Foster for the break-in. While the ensemble moments are at the heart of the show, concentrating purely on Alan, John, Brains and the London pair works this time.

Verdict: Another fun episode which appropriately ratchets up the tension. 7/10

Paul Simpson




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