Review: Project Almanac


Paramount, out June 15th

A group of teens find a time machine… what could possibly go wrong?

If you liked the found footage storytelling of Chronicle, then you’re likely to get more out of Project Almanac than most. It’s basically a harmless “let’s go back and fiddle with the past… oops, we need to make things right” movie, triggered by the discovery of a current-day person in footage from his 7th birthday party.

There are references to everything time-travel related – even Timecop! – in this self-aware movie, which is produced by Michael Bay (which may be enough of a guide for most people). It’s definitely heading for the lighter end of the spectrum, even if the butterfly effect does finally kick in during the third act, and passes the time entertainingly enough.

The cast led by Jonny Weston maintain the suspension of disbelief, and Jason Harry Pagan and Andrew Deutschman’s script provides the odd unexpected moment, such as the effect used when people encounter alternate versions of themselves (although, I guess, in a way it’s an update of the Marty McFly photo experience!).

Verdict: Project Almanac won’t ever be challenging Back to the Future in anyone’s Top Ten Time Travel Movies list, but first time director Dean Israelite provides a decent popcorn flick. 6/10

Paul Simpson

Project Almanac is out on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD on 15th June





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