True Blood: Review: Season 5 Ep 4

HBO, 1 July 2012

Eric and Bill are released by the Authority in order to track down Russell Edgington, but the Authority continue to have problems within their own ranks. Pam has to come to terms with being a maker after Tara tries to end it all. Back in Bon Temps, Alcide pays a visit to Sookie after dealing with Debbie Pelt’s parents, while Andy and Jason get taken to a mysterious club where they both get to meet old faces.

Given a True Blood season is only 12 episodes, this season is now a third done. And not a lot really seems to have happened yet. True, things are starting to get going, but it seems like the season hasn’t really got started. Which means it’ll be terrible rushed towards the end, or worse, it’ll never really get going.

We’ve only had a couple of glimpses of Russell Edgington so far, and disappointingly there are none this episode. If he is the big bad, then it’s a big bad on the overall plotting. There’s no Steve Newlin either, more’s the pity.

There are some new things going on here, namely with Terry and Jason. The Terry storyline doesn’t exactly grab the imagination (even if tries to be explicitly political), but Jason remains a hoot in a fairy subplot that may yet turn out to be more entertaining than all the rest put together. What we do get above everything else though is some brilliant character development for Pam and some important, if poignant, relationship development between her and Eric. She is still the best character in True Blood.

Verdict: A slow burn season so far, but the pace needs to pick up…

Episode 4 ‘We’ll Meet Again’: 7/10

Brigid Cherry


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