Review: Professor Gargoyle / The Slither Sisters (Lovecraft Middle School 1 & 2)

prof-gargoyleBy Charles Gilman

Quirk Books, out now

Looking at the covers, I didn’t think that I would really enjoy these books. But, as they say, you can’t judge a book by its cover. When I started reading them, I found them interesting and unique, so I ploughed through the first one quite quickly. The author’s writing style isn’t like any other I’ve read, which made me want to carry on reading.

These stories are about a boy called Robert Arthur, who leaves elementary school to find that he can’t go to the same school as his (few) friends. The only person he knows in this new school is Glenn, the school bully. But that is not his only problem. Lovecraft Middle School is not what it seems. How many other schools have their own ghost? And how many schools are full of monsters? Robert must take on these monsters and win to save himself, his school and his new friend Katarina.

On his first day at the school, Robert doesn’t know about any of this. However, by the end of the first book, he knows all of it, or that’s what he thinks…As he discovers in the second book, there’s far more going on than he realised. The story line twists and turns like a snake, so you must be on your toes.

slither-sistersMy only criticism of this series is that at the very end of each book, when the problem has been solved, a new one suddenly emerges. I prefer books to have a happy ending.

Verdict: I recommend the Lovecraft Middle School series for age 8+. I definitely enjoyed these books. 8/10

Sophie Simpson (aged 10)

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