Switch: Review: Series 1 Episode 2 (spoiler-free)

The Witches of Kensington show their hand…

If you enjoyed the first episode of Switch, chances are that you’ll be on board for the rest of the series, as the second week doesn’t really deviate too much from the template established in the opener. The girls get in trouble, caused by some magic that goes a little awry (either at their hands or someone else’s) and there are various twists and turns to get them out of it.

The Witches of Kensington initially come across as, like, totes mean it, sad face for what they’ve done. Yes, they really do talk like that, and if Miranda Hart’s similar friend drives you up the wall, imagine what four of them together are like. The trouble is that beneath their apparently brainless exteriors is something rather more scheming, which leads to some serious problems for the girls.

The use of magic ranges from the almost banal – sorting out a hairdressing disaster – to the hysterically funny (I want one of the remotes that they zap in order to deal with some minor distractions!), and the camaraderie between the four comes across as genuine.

Verdict: With a little more of an edge than the opener, this keeps Switch bubbling along nicely.  7/10

Paul Simpson

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