Agent Carter: Review: Series 2 Episode 6: Life of the Party

Carter 2.6Peggy needs help from an unlikely ally…

Once again, Agent Carter seems to be taking some of its cues from the Daredevil TV adaptation, with more emphasis being given to the recovery time that is necessary after taking the physical punishment that is part and parcel of life for heroes in the Marvel universe. I thought for a time that Peggy was deliberately accentuating her disability when she was in the cell with Dottie Underwood, but subsequent events showed that, if anything, she was putting on a braver face than she actually felt.

Of course Peggy’s not the only one who’s functioning considerably under par in the episode – Enver Gjokaj’s Daniel has had to face up to some uncomfortable home truths (albeit in a scene that we don’t see fully played out – but I think everyone can fill in the details!) and is licking his wounds. Maybe, though, things will work out differently for him this time around…

But the episode really belongs to Bridget Regan as the returning Dottie, lethal as ever, even in full evening wear. Having her witness Whitney’s coup d’etat did make me wonder if this might lead to some détente between her and Peggy (the enemy of my enemy and all that…) but events got in the way. Will Dottie and Whitney team up? That would certainly be a lethal combination. And Dottie knows that the price of betrayal is high!

The balance of humour and drama works well in this episode – Jarvis and his glasses, and the “hairdryer” scene represent the former – and Jack Thompson continues to be very much a rogue piece on the board.

Verdict: Welcome back, Dottie. 8/10

Paul Simpson


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