Review: Dark Shadows (comic) #3

Written by Stuart Manning

Illustrated by Aaron Campbell

Published by Dynamite Entertainment

In which the witch Angelique, returned to life once again, makes her presence known in Collinsport…

Despite verging on overuse in the original TV series, Angelique is clearly too compelling a character not to use, so her return was hardly surprising. But this is a colder Angelique compared to the previously-known witch ruled by her passions and emotions – one with, perhaps, a literal heart of stone! Her tongue remains sharp as ever, though, as she and Julia Hoffman trade barbs over drinks at the Blue Whale (yes, you read that right!).

Meanwhile, Barnabas and Quentin try to get to the bottom of how Angelique used the Collins family to return from the dead, but don’t get far before Barnabas’s bloodlust gets the better of him. Consequently, he has to prowl the Collinsport docks for sustenance under Quentin’s watchful gaze lest he go too far…

Unquestionably, this issue belongs to Angelique – even if at times her behaviour is more that of Ellen Tigh from the reimagined Battlestar Galactica than the familiar iteration that most fans love to hate. But why is she so interested in Carolyn, and seemingly determined to make her as miserable as possible? Stay tuned, dear readers – hopefully all will be answered…

VERDICT: The witch is back! 8/10


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