Lost Girl: Review: Series 2 Episode 6

The Morrigan needs Bo’s help after Dark Fae secrets are being revealed by a wall-scrawler…

While it’s nice to see Emmanuelle Vaugier back as the Morrigan (and she’s a distinctly better class of nasty than the new Ash), it would be nice if it were in a story that didn’t telegraph both the bad guy and the ending within the first few minutes. Anyone who doesn’t work out who’s really behind the various machinations needs to rewatch a few old episodes of detective shows!

There’s progress on a couple of other fronts: some of Lauren’s recent behaviour is explained (although again let’s hope this plotline doesn’t go the way that it’s already threatening to), and there’s zero sign of Dyson, which is highly unusual, but actually works. This means a slightly increased role for Kenzi – including a stand-off with the Ash when she protects Lauren – and it’s always fun to see Vex.

But overall this doesn’t grab the attention as much as it should – from the obviously fake reason the Morrigan gives Bo for wanting to find the graffiti artist who’s giving away the secrets, to the rather hypocritical attack by Bo on Vex for his fetish outfit (sorry, who is it around here who uses sex?!).

Verdict: If not for the revelations about Lauren, this would be utterly forgettable.

Episode 6: “It’s Better to Burn Out than Fae Away” 5/10

Paul Simpson


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