True Blood: Review: Season 5 Ep 10

HBO, 12 August 2012

Hoyt comes to terms with events and plans his future. Sookie and Jason discover something about the past. Tara takes things into her own hands. Sam and Luna go undercover. Jessica receives an invitation she cannot refuse.

Finally, there’s some real maneuvering going on this episode and it’s easy to see how things are coming together at last. It’s all a little bit too late in the season and all it seems to amount to is some fairly predictable moving of the pieces around the board but at least it is happening.

Jessica, Sam and Luna are placed in order to defeat the Authority from inside, while Tara and Pam are set up to attack from the outside. All the Lilith blood drinking and hallucination twaddle though is going nowhere—or at least only going round in circles. Even the expected showing of his true colours by Russell doesn’t liven things up much.

The episode does have some redeeming features—and no it’s not the irritating fairies who this week just have to wave a proverbial magic wand over some mysterious coded document. It’s the resolution of the Hoyt, Jessica and Jason love triangle storyline that stands out by miles. The acting and level of emotion generated in just two scenes put the rest of the episode (and most of the preceding season) to shame. More like this please!

Verdict: Going, Going, Get Gone Already…

Episode 10 ‘Gone, Gone, Gone’: 6/10

Brigid Cherry


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