Psychoville: Review: Season 2 Ep 3

First broadcast: BBC Two, 19th May 2011

Lomax reveals his true identity, and David is embroiled in a Hitchcockian plan…

The second season of Psychoville continues to get ever blacker, as further secrets are revealed: Oscar Lomax’s obsession with Tony Hancock proves to have a very real basis, while Strangers On A Train gets a 21st Century makeover (or at least its central theme does – it remains to be seen whether the various twists of the Hitchcock classic will be followed).

Various strands continue, apparently unconnected with the search for the missing locket: Mr Jelly learns part of what made his near namesake Mr Jolly so popular, while the fake marriage pair are the source of some horribly dark comedy. The Librarian also becomes even more creepy, as he starts to follow the Silent Singer’s instructions…

As ever, there are some dreadful jokes in amongst the clever wordplay, and while it won’t be to everyone’s tastes, this season is living up to the potential of the first.  7

Paul Simpson

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