Eve: Review: Series 2 Episode 5: Power Games

eve 2.5Digital and analogue attacks threaten Eve…

There’s a nice symmetry in this week’s episode as Eve’s secret comes under attack from two very different sources – a canny young boy who plays on Abe’s sympathies and a cyberattack on Calimov. The former plotline is the more fun – Cameron Allen hopefully will be a regular member of the cast as Isaac, managing to out-Abe Abe (leading to one of the funniest moments in the series this year when Isaac asks his rhetorical question about people’s reactions to meeting the world’s first sentient robot) and generally wreaking havoc. It draws attention away from the Cain/Lily relationship, which still has the “is he Adam?” shadow hanging over it.

The cyberattack on Katherine’s new security system (with, of course, her voice) gradually becomes tenser, and it’s good to finally see Lord Hoffman interacting with the cast. Michael Wildman adds a new energy to the scenes between the adults – who once again are kept completely separate from the teen drama – and there’s a hint that there’s something more to his relationship with Katherine than meets the eye…

It’s also good to have Jane Asher more involved than just sitting behind her desk like some high-tech Blofeld, barking out instructions. Again, the relationship with Hoffman is interesting.

Verdict: A well-structured and nicely played episode. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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