Lost Girl: Review: Season 1 Ep 9

On the one day of the year when Light and Dark Fae can fraternise, Kensi persuades Bo to help a Fae, who is marked for death, reunite with his brother…

You need to be listening carefully during this episode, as a lot of secrets start to be revealed. Trick and Dyson know far more about Bo’s lineage than they’re letting on – and it’s beginning to prey on Dyson. Trick is not exactly what he seems, which in part explains what has seemed to be dodgy characterisation over the past few episodes, and given her reaction when she’s thought she was being played before, Bo’s reaction when she finds out just how much has been kept hidden from her is likely to be lethal.

This is a strong episode for Kensi fans though. She’s the one who befriends the fated fae (before she knows that a Banshee wailed for him specifically), and ensures that he has a terrific final day, all the while doing her utmost to ensure that he doesn’t die. Lines are deliberately blurred in the second half of the episode, so you (as well as Bo and Kensi) don’t remember that the Banshee’s wail is actually nothing to do with how he’s going to die, simply that he is, until far too late.

Verdict: As with so many genre shows, Lost Girl has taken much of its first season to find its feet, but it’s now producing a solid run of enjoyable episodes. 

Episode 9: “Fae Day” 7/10

Paul Simpson


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