Eternal Law: Review: Series 1 Episode 4

Zak and Tom are prosecuting a manslaughter case – but how are they meant to be helping someone who has threatened suicide if she loses?

This series is developing into a very interesting discussion about temptation: trainee Tom is pulled by various forces which all make him question his faith and belief in God (or Mr Mountjoy, as he’s known)… until such time, of course, as he wants to pull rank on Mrs Sheringham and remind her that he is still “in Mr Mountjoy’s presence” whereas she is now a former angel.

It’s a tragic episode, and you can see the seeds of even greater tragedy being sown. Zak can’t resist his attraction to Hannah, which of course fallen angel Richard is happy to foster, and Mrs Sheringham realises her control over the two angels in her charge isn’t as absolute as it might once have been. The eventual outcome of the case won’t come as a surprise, although I was a little surprised to see that suicide was rewarded…

There’s a nice line in humour – including Zak telling Tom not to “google himself” when he’s reading Paradise Lost (a gag that will be lost on anyone watching it purely with subtitles, which for reasons best known to the subtitlers, decided that this should say “goad” rather than “google”).

It’s a shame that this hasn’t reached a wider audience, but for those who have stuck with it, the byplay and relationships between the characters are becoming more important than the cases of the week.   6/10

Paul Simpson


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