Review: Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode 2 (Spoiler-free review)

Starz (US) July 15; BBC One (UK) July 21

Rex is intent on rendition – but his superiors have another agenda…

The pressure doesn’t let up in Doris Egan’s first contribution to the Miracle Day saga, which continues to juggle multiple balls in the air successfully. As well as useful information on the ways in which urine is used in the American prison system, there’s also an extended McGyver-esque sequence as, once again, it’s proved graphically that Miracle Day has reversed the usual chain of events, and Jack Harkness is now mortal.

The larger ramifications of the end of death continue to be the focus of one key strand, with a debate about the various potential futures all drawing a bleak picture. Two key characters come to the fore from the CIA – Jurassic Park’s Wayne Knight makes an all-too-believable two-faced senior officer, while Dichen Lachman has a one-on-one with Gwen which doesn’t start well when she calls Mrs Williams English! Bill Pullman makes the flesh crawl whenever he appears on screen, quickly creating as powerful a sociopath as Hannibal Lecter or Steve Buscemi’s creepy paedophile from Con Air.

Verdict: With strong action sequences and a casual use of effects that the BBC show would have killed for in its first year, Miracle Day maintains its pace. 7/10

Paul Simpson

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