Review: Avengers vs X-Men: VS #6

Scarlet Witch vs Hope

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Penciler: Jim Cheung

Pre-Read Predictions: My understanding is that the Scarlet Witch’s powers are pretty formidable whereas Hope is only a power mimic. Then again, surely that means that Hope could just throw Wanda’s powers back in her face? Given that Hope is supposed to be the undisputed (but untried) badass of this entire event I’m going to bet on her but only because a victory for Hope would seem to align with the larger story.

Warning: Spoilers Follow!

Well, I was right but only because Hope fought dirty which, I guess, is in keeping with her character and her training. Otherwise the two women seemed to be fairly evenly matched. I did like Hope’s little victory dance after she decks poor Wanda, and Iron Man and Captain America’s looks of dismay.


Avengers vs X-Men

Writer: Various

Artist: Various

In this last issue of VS readers are treated to a collection of comedic one- or two-page fight scenes between various characters. This is a nice light-hearted way to end the series and I found myself chuckling away at a number of these. Of particular note was Cyclops vs Captain America where the two leaders face off in a war of words that quickly gets personal. I also enjoyed Hawkeye’s daydream about Spider-Woman taking on assorted X-Women in various suggestive wrestling matches. Hilarious!

Final VS Score:  Avengers 4 – X-Men 5   9/10

Bernice Watson




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