Review: Doctor Who: Big Finish Audio: 4th Doctor Adventures 2.5: Phantoms of the Deep

phantoms-of-the-deep_cover_largeThe depths of the Mariana Trench hide an age-old secret…

One of Jonathan Morris’ first Doctor Who stories featured the fourth Doctor, Romana (II) and K9, and his most recent – this time with the first incarnation of the Time Lady – is another well-plotted, well-characterised adventure, which is brought to (sometimes claustrophobic) life thanks to director Ken Bentley. There’s a nice continuity shout out to another Big Finish adventure, although some, like me, may be disappointed that the Doctor doesn’t reference another aquatic story that happened earlier in this incarnation.

The requisite moans about yet another Earth adventure out of the way (that’s Romana’s moans, not the audience’s), this works nicely with a small cast that’s surprisingly added to midway through the adventure. There’s plenty for each of the time travellers to do, and a nice flipping of the usual trope that it’s the Time Lords who are more capable than the dull witted humans who surround them.

The guest cast includes Alice Krige, the erstwhile Borg Queen, who creates a strong character whose leadership abilities aren’t forced onto either those around her, or the listener, excessively, but her actions in the second episode fit perfectly.

Verdict: A solid, enjoyable tale that fits neatly within its era. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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