Review: The Scarifyers #1

Writer: Simon Barnard

Artist: Simon Gurr

Cosmic Hobo Productions, out now

Investigating a mysterious murder, Inspector Lionheart meets Professor Edward Dunning – and the world will never be the same again…

As you may gather, this first issue of the Scarifyers comic book is based on the original audio adventure featuring the late lamented Nicholas Courtney and Terry Molloy. If you’ve heard and enjoyed that, then you know what to expect – although there are some nice little touches when it’s brought into the visual medium (the butler’s reaction to the kangaroos is classic).

The artwork is neatly done in monochrome, in a very stylised way that usually puts me off, but on this occasion really suits the piece. Based on the artwork seen on the CD covers, it captures Courtney and Molloy – at least as they are characterised as Scarifyers – and there’s a good use of layouts.

If you’ve been hoping for original adventures for the crew – or an expansion of some of the material that can be heard on the Cosmic Hobo website – then make sure you buy this, and ensure there’s a good market for the books: issue 3, we are assured, will feature new stories once the genesis has been explained for newcomers.

Verdict: A new format works well – can original novels be far behind?  7/10

Paul Simpson


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