Doctor Who: Review: Big Finish Audio: Short Trips 5.11: The Other Woman

DWST0511_theotherwoman_1417Is Jo Grant right to be wary of a female alien who appears to have the men of UNIT wrapped around her little finger – or is she the green-eyed monster this time?

Philip Lawrence’s tale is a nicely-written character piece for Jo Grant, as she has to work out whether she has genuine cause for concern about the woman who seems to be able to give the Doctor exactly what he needs in terms of getting the TARDIS working, or whether her own feelings for the Doctor (admitted or not) are getting in the way of her professionalism. Katy Manning gives a spirited rendition of Jo, dropping into her own natural octaves for the visitor, and presenting a recognisable version of the other UNIT characters.

I did wonder partway through whether this was a story that was originally intended to feature the Judoon, as a newly-introduced race seems to serve much the same story function (and I’d love her to hear Manning delivering their lines!) – hopefully the blurring of the classic and new Who lines will continue so that in five years’ time, there wouldn’t even be any query as to why they weren’t involved.

Although there are a few well-worn clichés at the start of Lawrence’s script, once the story gets going, he amalgamates dramatized and narrated scenes together seamlessly to form an enjoyable tale.

Verdict: With a firm focus on Jo, this is a diverting and enjoyable short trip. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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