Being Human: Review: Series 4 Ep 2: Being Human 1955 (Spoiler-free review)

An angel and a star bring the Southend-on-Sea household to Barry – and some fresh starts…

For those who were disappointed with last week’s episode, this returns to a lot of what has been at the heart of this series – a discussion of what it actually means to be human, even if you’re a ghost, werewolf or vampire. It’s something that can occasionally get overlooked when you get into huge battles between werewolves and vampires, and talk of messiahs, but if the balance achieved this week can be continued, then fans are likely to be happy.

It’s no spoiler to say that the new set-up in the house is achieved by the end of the episode, but there are numerous twists along the way. Damien Molony and Michael Socha go head to head on more than one occasion, with the upper hand switching between them sometimes for reasons beyond their control – and in two very powerful sequences, Molony draws on  the depths that Hal has plumbed during his long life.

Leonora Critchlow is also given more to do, with a laugh aloud sequence at the start, and some great oneupwomanship between Annie and Pearl which culminates in a touching realisation by both characters of how they feel about their respective friends.

Verdict: A smaller scale episode that confirms that the show may have had cosmetic changes, but it’s still Being Human.  8/10

Paul Simpson

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