Review: Primeval Series 1 Ep 4

Original airdate: 3 March 2007

Helen warns of an imminent invasion, but what comes through the anomaly is a surprise to everyone…

This week’s episode of Primeval doesn’t wear its influences quite as blatantly as the rest of the series to date, although its themes of paranoia and possession are standards of the genre.

The story begins with some high drama, swiftly juxtaposed with farce, before things take on a serious air once more for the climax. In a touching moment, the end of the episode evokes the original Quatermass Experiment, as Connor’s geeky friends finally justify their place in the series.

The growing relationship between Cutter and Connor has been one of the quiet strengths of the series, and it pays off at the end of this episode, when it is the Professor who, quite rightly, comes to Connor’s aid.

Verdict: Whether the change of pace in this week’s episode is down to different scriptwriters or the influence of incoming director Jamie Payne, it’s a gamble that pays off, and flags up more possibilities for the second series. 7/10

Paul Simpson


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