The Walking Dead: Review: Season 5 Blu-ray/DVD

TWD5_ORINGBR_3DCan the survivors cope with both their living and living dead enemies?

Season 5 of The Walking Dead is not likely to convert anyone who isn’t already invested in the fates of Rick Grimes and the various characters who populate AMC’s show, but for those who have vicariously experienced their journeys over the previous four years, it’s a season full of gripping conflict of all varieties. The writing seems to have taken a step up from previous years, with some sharply observed commentary on the human condition alongside the gore and horror that fans have come to expect. Certainly, there’s still a soap opera element to the show – but that’s how we’ve got to know the characters so well.

As far as the box set goes, there’s a lot of extra material to justify the outlay: two commentaries on No Sanctuary (the opening episode), and five others spread across the season; Inside the Walking Dead – a collection of short featurettes on aspects of many of the episodes; The Making of The Walking Dead, looking at the technical side (and there’s also a very good, if too short, piece on Rotters in the Flesh); three “Journeys” for specific characters – Beth, Bob and Noah; and a couple of Day in the Life features that shed some insight on both actors and characters.

Verdict: With Fear the Walking Dead not living up to some fans’ expectations, this box set gives a chance to immerse yourself properly in the zombie world before the show bursts back onto screens next month. 8/10

Paul Simpson

The Walking Dead: The Complete Fifth Season is available now on Blu-ray and DVD, courtesy of Entertainment One

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