Wizards vs Aliens: Review: Series 1 Episode 11 (The Last Day part 1)

WvA 1.11Tom can’t believe his eyes when he sees his mother – on the anniversary of her death six years earlier…

The final story of this season kicks off with a Hallowe’en set episode (did the makers expect to start the series earlier in the autumn than they did? Seems odd to have this at the start of December!) which sees Tom apparently being haunted. Cue a discussion of the magical vs scientific way of looking at ghosts… which, quite deliberately, steers attention away from other possibilities.

It’s a neat piece of sleight of hand by writer Phil Ford. Although we’re conscious that the Nekross are present, and logically there must still be a connection between Tom’s mother reappearing and their quest against wizards, the revelation of their plan – and indeed her involvement – are still a surprise.

It’s good to see Dan Starkey’s Randall Moon get something concrete to do, and hopefully the adults will all have a major part to play in the conclusion. It’s also good to see a teenage girl involved: this seems a very boy-centric show still (anecdotal evidence from Year 6 fans of The Sarah Jane Adventures indicates that the girls aren’t anywhere near as involved in Wizards vs Aliens as they were with the Who spin-off.)

Verdict: Another good set-up; let’s hope the pay off gives the show a decent send off for the first season.  7/10

Paul Simpson


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