Misfits: Review: Series 3 Ep 2

Curtis decides to use his new power to get the chance to run again…

An odd mix this week, with some of the show’s usual low, rude humour (courtesy of Rudy, who’s coming across at the moment as the cruder parts of Nathan without his ‘redeeming’ intelligence) added to some fun moments as Curtis finds out what it’s like to be a woman – with an ultra-serious date rape scenario that almost seems tagged on, which really doesn’t feel right.

The elements don’t really hang together that well. The sections where Curtis discovers how women really talk about their sex lives, his discovery of multiple orgasms, and the ensuing complications with a girl who has somehow got involved with Curtis in both his male and female personas could have made a strong B-plot to another storyline, but it definitely feels padded when it becomes the story of the week.

In a series that has worked best as an ensemble show – albeit one with a focus slightly more on one character than another within different episodes – we’ve now had two episodes that are really all about one character (Rudy or Curtis), with the others not getting much screen or story time.

Verdict: Hopefully the very small plotlines for the others which we see this week will be expanded on considerably, or Misfits really will be misfiring.  5/10

Paul Simpson


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