Review: Star Trek/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #6

Assimilation 6Writers: Scott and David Tipton

Artists: Gordon Purcell / J.K. Woodward

IDW, out now

The Enterprise is forced into an alliance that Picard finds hard to swallow, and the TARDIS crew travel back to a critical period in Borg/human relations…

A partial reworking of the Voyager episode Scorpion part 2 – with a Federation crew forced into accepting a member of the Borg on board their ship – is the highlight of this instalment, which is more concerned with putting the pieces in place for the final act. We learn how the Cybermen were able to take control of the Borg, and see diplomacy in action, Time Lord style before things click into a higher gear with the return to another Bad Wolf scenario – this time at Wolf 359.

The artwork is disappointing, and in places feels rushed: the bottom of page 16 is a particular case in point, where Smith, Stewart and Sirtis really don’t come out well at all. The scenes on the Borg cube, however, have some effective atmosphere, and feature the return of Amy and Rory (they are in establishing shots earlier, but then vanish).

It’s definitely feeling like the Doctor guest starring in a Star Trek story now, rather than a combination of the two franchises, which is how it’s been sold. Hopefully the balance will be restored in the final two parts.

Verdict: Not the strongest part of this crossover event.  6/10

Paul Simpson


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