Fringe: Review: Season 4 Ep 4

Fox, 14 October

A strange vortex is chasing Olivia: could it have something to do with her childhood Cortexiphan trials, or could it be something altogether more surprising…?

And with a big splash, Peter Bishop is back—literally, as he appears in the middle of a lake. While it’s fairly obvious that the blue vortex pursuing Olivia will turn out to be Peter, the mistaken pursuit of ‘Subject 9’—whom Walter believes might be responsible—is a decent enough way to tread water until the denouement.

Highlight of the episode has to be a reluctant Walter’s trip outside the lab (where he’s been hiding for three years in this Peter-less reality), especially his hotel meltdown—I suspect many of us could sympathise with his concerns there…

When Peter finally appears, no-one knows him, least of all Olivia. These past few episodes have raised questions about what has and has not happened in this Peter-less version of Fringe (for example, Olivia says she has never encountered any of the other Cortexiphan children, but we’ve seen episodes on this very subject). Last week, the question of how Walter was released from hospital without Peter hovered in the air, and was back again this week as he faced being returned to the institution. Hopefully Peter’s return will restore the events of seasons one to three, but nothing can be counted on in Fringe.

Verdict: An episode built around an obvious climax, but the character moments save it.

Episode 4 ‘Subject 9’: 7/10

Brian J. Robb


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