Lost Girl: Review: Series 2 Episode 4

Pissed off at Dyson, Kenzi invokes Baba Yaga – and wishes she hadn’t…

A harsher than normal episode, this puts the focus firmly on Kenzi, as she makes a drunken mistake and has to pay the price. Drawing on actress Ksenia Solo’s own Latvian roots, there’s plenty of Russian-speaking and cursing, and an end of episode twist that promises that maybe things aren’t quite as simple as they seem. There’s also a hint that after suffering the curse, Dyson may not be quite so arrogant as before: he’s been accustomed to everything female falling at his knees and being on the receiving end of the reverse attitude seems to have quite an effect on him.

We see the depths of the relationships between Bo and Kenzi, as well as between Bo and Dyson: Bo is willing to compromise her independence to save her friend, and is quite prepared to die. It’s also good to see a situation in which Bo is not in charge: once she enters Baba’s realm, she’s definitely not the most powerful.

One thing annoyed throughout: Why does everyone pronounce Baba Yaga as Baba Ee-gah? It’s not the usual way – but maybe the production crew were concerned in case they annoyed the real Baba Yaga?

Verdict: More respect given to an old myth than usual makes this an unusual episode, worth catching. 

“Mirror, Mirror”: 7/10

Paul Simpson


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