Review: Torchwood: Big Finish Audio 1.6: More Than This

TWAB0106_morethanthis_1417Cardiff Council’s Roger Pugh has never had a day like this – or ever met anyone quite like Gwen Cooper…

You may well have read plaudits for this final story in Big Finish’s first Torchwood season already – and they are well-deserved. A tightly-written script from Guy Adams mixes drama, adult themes (in the best sense of the term), humour (hello Sergeant Andy) and a good narrative device that allows us to get to know Roger Pugh as he and Gwen encounter pretty much enough to fill a series of Torchwood in just one day! Blair Mowat’s music score blends with Neil Gardner’s sound design to give one of the best soundscapes for this season, while Scott Handcock’s direction allows the story the varying different paces it needs.

But most praise must go to the two actors at the heart of it – Eve Myles and Richard Nichols. Gwen Cooper isn’t always the most credible of characters, but Myles has risen above weak material on many occasions to make it better than it might appear on paper; here, where she’s got a strong script to work with once again, she’s on fire, giving one of her best ever performances in the role. Nichols is given equally strong material, and his portrayal of loss and yearning is simply excellent.

Torchwood has had many peaks and troughs in the last decade, but it seems to have found a natural home in the audio format. This season has never succumbed to the excesses of the TV versions, and all involved can be justifiably proud. Roll on season 2!

Verdict: An excellent season goes out on a high. 10/10

Paul Simpson

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