Being Human: Review: Series 3 Ep 2: Adam’s Family

When George and Nina interrupt a young vampire feeding, it’s the start of a journey that gives them a whole new insight into the vampire way of life…

In part setting up the online spin-off Becoming Human, this episode builds on the werewolf vs vampire antipathy that was brought to the fore last week, with two sets of unreconstructed vampires – Adam, a permanently 16 year old kid, and an unpleasant pair who Mitchell suggests may be able to help him. There’s some very black comedy around the latter featuring George and Nina, as well as some unusual sights for fans of another Barry Island-set BBC Three series.

Annie once again seems to be trying to find a way to justify her existence, a plotline that the show has investigated before with varying degrees of success. This leads to a great scene where she’s trying to help Mitchell get a job, and an equally powerful one for diametrically opposed reasons at the end of the episode. She and Mitchell both are given a chance to explain the show’s philosophy without it feeling like sermonising.

With a new layer of vampire hierarchy introduced, and Mitchell’s massacre in the Box Tunnel continuing to haunt him, this is another strong episode.  8/10

Paul Simpson

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