Misfits: Review: Series 3 Episode 7

Zombie cats! Zombie cheerleaders!

Yes, we’re back to the gang doing what they do best – causing massive amounts of mayhem as they get caught in some real superhero action, battling against a zombie girlfriend, as well as a manic feline, a loony old lady and a host of cheerleaders. And just when you think the death and destruction are at an end, they break their record in how long it takes to get rid of a probation worker…

It’s a fast-paced dramatic and funny episode, with some good moments for Matthew McNulty as Seth, as he realises that a) he’s screwed up and b) Kelly was right. The final scene between Seth, Shannon and Kelly is pitched exactly, as is the tag scene when the celebrations have to stop very, very suddenly!

While Rudy is nowhere near as annoying as he was to begin with – even his cheerleader anecdote isn’t as off-putting as it might have been – it does seem as if the producers have forgotten that he has a power. Wouldn’t two of him been a bit more useful when tracking down the cheerleaders, than just the one coward?

Verdict: It’s been an uneven run of Misfits this time out, but this episode is definitely one of its better components.  7/10

Paul Simpson



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