Lost Girl: Review: Season 1 Ep 3

Bo and Kenzi go undercover at a preppy school when the first client of their private investigation agency asks them to look into the disappearance of her daughter…

A private investigator firm that uses supernatural means to ascertain the truth – we’ve been here before, to an extent, with Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased), let alone Angel, Moonlight etc. Bo’s ability to get information out of female witnesses is becoming a little bit of a single note power, but the confirmation of her detective friend Dyson’s lupine attributes gives a new edge.

The mystery itself isn’t that difficult to solve; you do get the feeling that the Scooby Gang (either of the ones starring Sarah Michelle Gellar) would have got there in half the time, but there’s some nicely done red herrings as the episode riffs on a few of the standard “nasty preppy girl” tropes to mess with the audience. The beast at the end is a little underwhelming (definitely a case where less would have been more, in terms of seeing the makeup), and there are more than a few moments where you sit back and wonder how things have happened (e.g. why Dyson looks at his phone, and thinks he’s speaking to Bo… but a few minutes later, he and Kenzi are looking for her phone).

Verdict: Hopefully not all the cases will be this generic – and the subplot between Bo and Dyson could become incredibly tiresome unless something different is done with it.  5/10

Paul Simpson


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