Review: Primeval: Series 3 Ep 2

A new anomaly forecaster predicts events at the scene of a tragedy many years earlier…

If you went from a series one story straight to this, you’d seriously wonder if you watching the same show. This is a haunted house horror story, complete with red herrings, cut together in a Bourne/Quantum of Solace manner that gives it a very different feel to anything we’ve seen before on Primeval.

With 10 episodes to play with this season, the producers are trying some different tactics, but hopefully this is as far as they’ll go with the scares. It’s definitely not suitable for a very young audience, with moments in the house and a stalking sequence outside that makes for uncomfortable viewing, partly because it’s not the typical Primeval monster that’s involved.

The subplot with Helen forges ahead with some clear indications of her next move, borne out in part by the throwforward to episode three, which looks likely to include far more of Nick and Lester than we see this time around.

Jason Flemyng makes his debut this week with some effective scenes, and it looks as if he’ll nicely muddy the waters in the team with a very straightforward attitude.

Verdict: Not one for the kiddies, but a good segment.  7/10

 Paul Simpson

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