Lost Girl: Review: Season 1 Ep 7

Bo and Kenzi are bitten by a under-Fae spider that sets them against each other…

“It’s always been a matter of trust” goes the Billy Joel song and that’s what underpins this week’s episode, which sees Bo and Kenzi affected by a creature that causes them to become homicidal, while Dyson and Dr Lauren have issues that go far deeper.

The triangle between Bo, Dyson and Lauren is at the centre of the episode, and although it seems as if Dyson and Lauren are working hard together to save Bo’s life when she’s threatened with being killed by the Ash’s security chief to protect the world from a horrific spider (!), Dyson has a good point when he reminds Lauren that she’s the one who put Bo in danger in the first place by calling the security alert.

There’s a good rapport building between Kenzi and Dyson’s banshee partner, as they both acknowledge their relative place in the pecking order, and that gets put to the test when both are infected.

Verdict: More going on beneath the surface than might first appear in this episode – watch Lauren’s reactions to certain situations, as they’re not what you might expect. 

Episode 7: “Arachno Faebia” 7/10

Paul Simpson


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