Supergirl: Review: Series 1 Episode 3: Fight or Flight

Supergirl 1.3Kara tries to defeat one of her cousin’s old foes…

While it’s clear that the show is still finding its feet, this third instalment for Supergirl does at least bring the Man of Steel front and centre to deal with the inevitable comparisons – and even to save the day as a one-off (with the promise that at some point the tables will be turned). Using Jimmy… sorry, James Olsen as a character inevitably involves the Big Guy so it’s a smart move by the producers to get the idea out there that Olsen is deliberately trying to get away from Superman’s shadow just as much as Kara wants to be.

The Cat Grant interview isn’t the show’s writing at its finest though, even if it’s meant to be making a point about Cat’s (and media in general) bias, and I’m really not impressed by the introduction of Lucy Lane. However, Maxwell Lord shows considerably more promise, and not being up to speed on the ins and outs of the DC Universe, I can only judge him on what we see on the show. And what’s up with Hank Henshaw? Glowing red eyes suggests that Kara’s not the only superhero in the DEO…

Verdict: More pieces being brought into play as the show eliminates one of its potential flaws early on. 7/10

Paul Simpson

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