Review: Angel & Faith #5

In Perfect Harmony

Words: Christos Gage

Art: Phil Noto

Covers: Steve Morris/Rebekah Isaacs with Dan Jackson

Angel and Faith are asked to investigate an attempted blackmail on behalf of the world’s favourite celebrity vampire, Harmony. So, with Harmony’s demonic Pomeranians and her hapless assistant Clem in tow, Angel once again steps into the familiar role of private investigator.

This issue takes the reader away from the usual Angel & Faith narrative and into more light-hearted territory in a change of pace that is both fun and well timed. Harmony has always been a source of comic relief both in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and in Angel. This also isn’t the first time she has appeared in the comics, having made a cameo in Buffy Season 8 where she was seen hosting her own talk show. In this issue she continues her egomaniacal antics in amusing contrast to Angel and Faith’s more sober outlook.

As usual Christos Gage’s writing is spot on and it’s clear that he was able to have some fun with this script. The banter between Harmony and Angel, Faith’s snarky asides and the ample opportunities for pop culture references (including a good one from Star Wars) make this issue a very entertaining read. The only thing that sometimes doesn’t quite work is Harmony’s dialogue but this is more a limitation of the medium than the writing. Harmony’s ditsy, cheerleader lines are true to form but sometimes fall a little flat when being read rather than heard.

The segue into the celebrity circus that is Harmony’s life isn’t the only change to be found in this issue either. This month the art credit goes to Phil Noto. Well known for his work in comics, Noto stepped in to draw this issue while series regular artist, Rebekah Isaacs, got ahead on the schedule. As of issue 6 Noto will also be taking over the cover art for Buffy Season 9.

This is a great fun issue that gives the regular storyline some space and is sure to leave a smile on readers’ faces.  8/10

Bernice Watson


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