Agents of SHIELD: Review: Season 3 Episode 19: Failed Experiments

BRETT DALTONThe origins of Hive are revealed and the arrival of connections to that past signals a whole lot of trouble for those who would stand in its way. Meanwhile, the team set out to try and rescue Daisy, but how far will she go to resist their efforts?

Up until now, Hive has just been Brett Dalton wandering around looking sinister. This week, we get to see the man who first became Hive, as a flashback shows us Kree Reapers taking a young prehistoric warrior from Earth to create the primary Inhuman. It’s a nice touch, adding an element from the cosmic movie-verse into the show and serving to reaffirm those links that bind, as well as reminding the audience that Hive isn’t a person, but a sum of many parts.

Doctor Holden is trying to perfect the process that will transform regular people into Inhumans, and the results he achieves on the remaining members of HYDRA are less than he had hoped. It seems that only pure Kree DNA will do, and thus Hive must lure the Reapers back to take what it requires.

At SHIELD HQ, all efforts are on how Hive can be stopped, although certain people are more concerned about how to get Daisy back, regardless of everyone else telling them it can’t be done. Mack and Lincoln have a common, but separate ground here, the one feeling a fraternal responsibility for a partner he feels he should have saved and the other simply willing to do anything to get the love of his life back. Both get some juicy moments wrestling with their inner conflicts, although it is Mack, in one particular scene, who gets the metaphorical and literal kicking as Hive’s hold proves too strong.

Blundering into a situation they don’t really understand, with the Kree adding a whole new level of confusion to the mix, the SHIELD team go from trying to execute one mission to simply trying to survive. Finally, they achieve a different goal which thwarts Hive’s grand plan, for now.

The sting shows us just how temporary that respite might be, as well as just how far Daisy has been enthralled to the power of Hive. Whatever happens next, it’s going to be messy.

Verdict: Action, suspense, genuine heartfelt drama and quiet moments of introspection. This episode has it all and more besides. Bennett and Dalton have really grown into their new roles, and the chemistry between them is pleasingly disturbing. Truthfully, all the cast shine here though – one of the best episodes to date. 9/10

Greg D. Smith

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