Review: Doctor Who: Big Finish Audio: C.C. 604: The Many Deaths of Jo Grant

Another day, another invasion of London… but this time the cost may be too high…

The influence of a very well-known movie from last year is obvious in this month’s Companion Chronicle, a multi-layered affair which uses the series’ format to its advantage by the reuse of the guest voice.

Set in that period after the Doctor regains his freedom but before Jo’s departure in The Green Death, The Many Deaths of Jo Grant has at its heart the essential nature of this Doctor/companion pairing. Some have called Pertwee the Mother Hen Doctor, but the third Doctor was far more than that. Yes, he kept a weather eye on his brood, but they returned the favour, willingly stepping into the firing line for him without hesitation.

Katy Manning does a sterling job recreating the idea of both the Brigadier and the Doctor: she doesn’t do impersonations of Courtney or Pertwee, but she captures the essential essence of the two men’s performances, and her ability to switch voice mid-sentence means that Cavan Scott and Mark Wright’s script can effectively present scenes of dialogue that don’t feel forced.

Verdict: Another strong October release.  7/10

Paul Simpson


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