Jessica Jones: Review: Series 1 Episode 12: AKA Take a Bloody Number

Jessica 1.12Jessica and Luke team up to bring down Kilgrave – but with his father’s help, Kilgrave’s power is increasing…

Those who know even a little bit about Jessica Jones and Luke Cage’s relationship in the comics are likely to have been even easier targets for the sucker punch at the heart of this episode. Mike Colter and Krysten Ritter are fantastic together, whether it’s in the emotional moments (and of course there’s a huge question mark over those after Kilgrave’s revelation in the final few minutes) or the major battle between them that brings the episode to an end. Jessica’s ability to fail to think things through fully comes to the fore again, and… well, episode 13 will reveal who’s paid the price.

The Malcolm plotline provided an interesting distraction, as did the scenes between Trish and her mum, as well as the intriguing link that’s been presented between Jessica and the mysterious IGH behind the super-soldier project – but with just one episode left this season, most of this can’t get wrapped up (as Jessica herself points out, she can only deal with one Big Bad at a time – reinforcing the links between the character and Slayer Faith!)

Verdict: The end is nigh, but the pressure never lets up. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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